That Time Andy Challenged The Spring Awakening Kids To Remember Choreography

If you ever see me and I look really upset or distressed just know that I’m probably thinking about The Bridges of Madison County

Backstage with Kelli


musical theatre female character meme [8/15] • a female character in a drama

→ francesca johnson  the bridges of madison county

at twenty-one, a girl begins
to grasp the world and how it spins
she grabs a box of safety pins
and builds herself a home


8/8- behind the scenes/cast moments
~ absolute cuties ~

2(i)/8 cast moments: kelli & steve’s ask a star interview
"I would fall in… you know… I would have an affair with Francesca Johnson. Maybe not the way she looks, but whatever."
"She’s pretty hot; Francesca Johnson."
"Well I’m glad you think so."

found and lost
torn in half
before and after you

5/8 cast moments: Backstage Banter with Derek and Steve [x]

the bridges of madison county

don’t offer your hand
don’t reach for my waist
don’t lean towards my lips
look at me