Norm Lewis & Sierra Boggess - The Music of the Night

Life goal: be described as a mythic bitch

Seasons of Love | Sophia Gennusa & Oona Laurence


I finally got my hands on this video. So to all you Matilda fans out there Merry Christmas. Enjoy. 


You know you love an actor when you can pick out their voice from the ensemble numbers.

Isn’t Cosette the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen? Her hair is like, wow! And her eyes are, like, woah! And her lips are like, ‘Ta dow! How d’you like me now?!’

Marius upon meeting Cosette for the first time, Book VII (via fawnsette)

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I have to hurry! I’m late for a play reading. If Patti Lupone yells at me I’m blaming you!

Stephanie J. Block as she was signing my poster at Little Miss Sunshine (via be-good-to-yourself)


why cant i cry money instead of tears


Death is a once in a lifetime experience.

Angel of Music, who deserves this?

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is it too much to ask to get 100 dollars from every rich person in the world

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